In English

Esy Church exists because we desire to do what Jesus Christ did while He was here on earth. He called us and gave us a mission to continue what He had started. So what did Jesus do?


  • He taught and preached the Gospel
  • He built real relationships
  • With His life and deeds, He showed us what it means to be human and to be His follower

That is why Esy Church aims to help our members and all those who visit us:

  • To know God personally through the Bible and the Holy Spirit
  • To build genuine relationships, both in the church and in one’s personal life
  • To serve one another and to practise the will of God in our homes, church and in the society

We offer a variety of ministries in our church to achieve these goals. You are welcome to get acquainted with the ministries by browsing our website and by coming to visit us in Pasila, Helsinki!

Our weekly celebration service is on Sundays at 11 am and 4 pm. You are warmly welcome to visit!

Esy Church seurakunta is an independent, non-denominational, charismatic church that was founded in 1983. There are about 900 million people in similar churches world wide. This movement has been the fastest growing spiritual movement in the world for the past century.

We have over 300 members in our church. Our pastors are Peter and Pia Hackzell and Veikko Lipponen. We pursue unity with all believers in the body of Christ and cooperate above congregational and denominational boundaries. Our faith is based on the authority of the Bible, Jesus’ atonement for our sins on the cross and His resurrection. We believe in Father God, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit and that these three are one.


On Sundays our 4 pm(16:00) service has English and Arabic translation.

MAY & JUNE 2019

18:30 Prayer group at ESY
Thu 30.5. 14:00
ESY goes PicNic at Seurasaari, meet by
the bridge
Sun 2.6. 16:00 Sunday Celebration
Wed 5.6. 18:00 Men’s prayer group
Thu 6.6. 18:00 ESY International in English & Arabic
Sun 9.6. 16:00 Sunday Celebration / Sound of Heaven
Wed 12.6. 18:30 Prayer group at ESY
Thur 13.6. 18:00 ESY International in English & Arabic
Sun 16.6. 16:00 Sunday Celebration / Esy Live
Wed 19.6. 18:00 Men’s prayer group
Wed 26.6. 18:30 Prayer group at ESY
Sun 30.6. 16:00 Sunday Celebration

JULY 2019

Sun 7.7. 16:00 Sunday Celebration / Communion
Wed 10.7. 18:30 Prayer group at ESY
Sun 14.7. 16:00 Sunday Celebration
Sun 21.7. 16:00 Sunday Celebration
Wed 24.7 18:30 Prayer group at ESY
Sun 28.7. 16:00 Sunday Celebration